We Want YOU to Join Our Band!


About the Band

Our band is a part of the greater organization of the San Jose Police Emerald Society and therefore does not have a separate name. The band was born with the rest of the Emerald Society on May 25, 2017 when we performed at our first police memorial and had our first fundraiser. We obtained our 501(c)(3) and incorporated officially on August 1, 2017.

The band is made up of approximately 17 pipers and 8 drummers. Half of the pipers are grade 3, 4, and 5 pipers. The other half are newer players who receive personal instruction by other pipe instructors in the band. 

The band is open to all experienced pipers and drummers! We are especially seeking current or retired law enforcement officers from any organization.

Beginning classes are open only to current or retired law enforcement officers and are FREE of charge! It is a goal of the Emerald Society and band to have at least 50% of its playing member’s current law enforcement officers.

The band wears the San Jose Police Emerald Society tartan which was developed, designed, and manufactured specifically for the band and members of our Emerald Society. The band supplies most of the uniform parts and encourages its band members to buy their own custom fitted kilt.

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What we do

The band performs at events to support the mission of the San Jose Police Emerald Society by “Rendering Support and Keeping Their Memory Alive”. We are talking about the memories of the fallen officers of those killed or have died in the line of duty.

We also honor and provide a police presence to those retired officers who have passed away. During their careers throughout their life, they have sacrificed so much both for their police departments and for the citizens they have protected for so many years. Nothing is sadder than going to a police retiree’s funeral and there is no representation from the law enforcement agency that they worked for for 25-30 years. The San Jose Police Emerald Society can provide that presence.

Besides law enforcement funerals, we also perform at ceremonies, parades, police academy graduations, police memorials, opening ceremonies, sporting event appearances, and fundraisers.

The band averages over 25 band appearances a year. Unlike other pipe bands, there is a fun, social part in belonging to the band. No matter if we perform at a funeral, memorial, or other ceremony, we normally celebrate the person or performance by lifting a pint and toasting to the event at a local pub.

If you want more information or wish to hire a solo piper or whole band, please email us at sjpoliceemeralds@gmail.com.

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How to join

The band normally practices at the San Jose Police Officers Association hall once a week during the weekdays. The days change throughout the month due to availability.

To join, email Pipe Major Brian Hyland at sjpoliceemeralds@gmail.com. Let us know your experience, availability, and your commitment level.

Hope to hear from you soon!!